About Us

Welcome to the UK based buy & sell marketplace


StuffMine.com was founded by Andrew Poole from Waterlooville in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Andrew is the sole director with no outside investment and started the website from the garage of his home.

Andrew started buying antiques and collectables at a young age and is still buying and collecting today.

From an early age for many years he worked on the family's farms with his grandfather, father and brother.

His father & brother are still active Hampshire farmers today.

As a 5000+ 100% feedback ebay seller, Stuffmine started by selling Antiques & collectables.

His son Michael joined to help with website development and digital marketing.

The website has now transformed from Stuffmine into HelloStuff.co.uk to sell all types of items.

Now in 2021, Hellostuff offers an easy to use quick to list, affordable ecommerce marketplace alternative for everyone. 

There are 3 listing formats on HelloStuff everything you need for selling and buying within one platform.

  • Auctions- Live with any start bid  1% of total selling cost Ideal if you are unsure of your items value, Starting at any amount ie the least you would take.
  • Fixed price- Choose your price    1% of selling cost Ideal if you know the amount you would like to sell your item for.
  • Classified- FREE To advertise or list your business, product or item, ie vehicles / large or small items collected from your home.
  • No listing fee on any item, ideal for selling small items ie sell for £1, Hellostuff charge 1p.
  • HelloStuff uses your existing globally trusted PayPal account for buying & selling through your registered email
  • For selling items under £10, Why not try PayPal micropayments 5p plus 5% per transaction UK rate, Ideal crafts Stationary etc
  • Receive £1, PayPal will charge 10p. Not 20p + 3.4% as with the standard PayPal account.

Hellostuff is free & easy to join with no bank details required and uses your exisiting PayPal for sales & purchases through your registered email.

You do not need a PayPal account or any bank details to join when using the free classifieds, But you will need a current email address for messaging.

Phone numbers and weblinks are permitted on any listing and a multitude of tools are all free, including up to 24 photos + youtube video.


                       Happy listing & a huge thank you from the Hellostuff team!